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AM/PM option

Morning/Afternoon: Pick up from your accommodation by Tuk Tuk Driver

Continue to Pearaing Biodiversity Conservation Center, along the way, you will enjoy the beautiful greenery of the paddy fields as well as net fishing activities. A few stops can be made on request for pictures taken of the open green area. On your arrival, you will get on the engine boat then discover those birds such as comb ducks, cormorants,darters,purple and grey herons, adjutants, Asian open billed, Spot billed pelicans, painted and milky storks, black headed ibis and many other species within the area.

On the way back, To feel the local touch for your own convenience, make a stop at the Local village visiting and observing the livelihood of Chreav Community Family. 85% of Chreav local family earn their living by growing rice and seasonal vegetables like their home garden then connect this tour to the Local Market.

AM option : Tour will be ended by noon time

PM option : Tour will be ended at Sunset time

Please note: More species of birds can be found at Pearaing Biodiversity Conservation Center from January to June when the water is low.

Admission ticket:

* Price for not included pick 35$ per person. Tour including Bird watching fee boats riding feeBird tour guide fee.

* 55$per person .Tour including Bird watching fee boats riding fee Bird tour guide fee and tuk tuk fee.

To our visitors,

Visitors should possess a minimum physical fitness to fully enjoy the proposed itineraries. Pearaing Biodiversity Conservation Center organizes tours following adapted safety regulations for its Visitors. We effectively work with our team and community members to ensure that the services provided to the Visitors achieve the highest possible level of safety and quality. However, PBCC is not responsible for possible loss, damage and injuries in the course of the full tour.

Visitors are required to have full travel insurance. It is the responsibility of the Visitors to read their insurance policy before travel and ensure that the insurance scheme provides the Visitor with the required level of cover.


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